Today : Friday, September 22, 2017

1- Monitoring researches by implementing rules and regulations

2- Setting the agenda and establishing the Research Council of the Graduate School and following up of the implementation of Council resolutions

3-Holding Graduate Studies and Research Councils' meetings and providing comments to explain the Department and cooperate in the implementation of decisions of the Council

4- Monitoring and cooperating in the scientific conferences, seminars and faculty sessions

5- Pursuing faculty members' research issues, including domestic and international research projects through the Research Deputy of the University

 Monitoring all research issues by implementing relative higher education regulations and bylaws

7- Preparing proposals to strengthen research in graduate courses and departments

8- Monitoring and coordinating with departments for preparation and review of graduate school courses.

9- Monitoring the performance of the school's specialized library.

10- Evaluating strategies and proposals for collaboration and postgraduate research courses together with domestic and foreign universities

11- Monitoring and holding comprehensive exams, holding dissertation proposal defense meeting and setting the PhD committee and appointment of arbitrators in accordance with the regulations in cooperation with relevant departments

12- Managing graduation process of graduated students

 Attending to the problems of graduated students

14- Managing tasks related to faculty members' grants

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